Just for me


So yesterday was a busy one. I spent the morning running to every doctor’s office that I have ever gone to, to collect records or I should say, request forms for records. Then I had a meeting.

By the time I got to have a little me time, it was more than deserved. Let me start by saying that I am not really so good at the “me” time thing. I usually pluck along until I “need” something and then go replace what is worn out or broken and I’m not so good spending time with just myself.

But yesterday I decided to cash in a couple of gift cards on a splurge. Now some of you will laugh at the reference to two new yoga shirts and some panties as a splurge but for me it was. The thing I liked most about it, was for once (in a long while) I didn’t second guess myself. I didn’t wonder if I deserved it or “really” needed it, I just did something nice for myself, by myself. And for me that is a huge thing.

So this morning I take a moment to revel in the self-love. You don’t have to buy anything to love yourself but you need to love yourself. Be it that cup of tea, 15 minutes alone with a book and a cat, an extra long shower or bath. Remember that when we love ourselves we have more love to share.


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