The adventure begins


I’m writing this now because I have an early flight and I won’t be able to post at the usual time. I will however post in the evening and tell you how the first day of house hunting went.

In preparation for this endeavor let me  elaborate on the steps so far.

1- Accept the job and freak out because we have a month to move.

2- Figure out what to do with the house (almost there).

3- Find a new house (this week).

4- Go to Costa Rica for a week.

5- Have the house packed and shipped and travel to Virgina.

6- Husband starts work mid-Sept.

The last three of course are yet to happen but will in short order. I get home from this trip and three days later get on a plain to go see my friend Evie. I know this is crazy but it’s just the way it all fell out. I’m hoping to relax a little and enjoy the nature there. My husband has decided that the week of my absence will be his home project week. I hope he doesn’t take on too much, I’m usually the voice of reason when it comes to the practicality of projects.

Any how next time you hear from me I will be posting photos and telling you all about the trip to Virgina. Can’t wait, see you tomorrow.


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