Focus on what you want


My husband and I have a mantra for this whole moving process: It will be easy, it will be fun, it will be an adventure, together.

We firmly believe in the power of affirmation and drawing what you what to yourself. So Say I’m stuck at the air port (ha ha) instead of dwelling on all the things that could continue to go wrong, or all the things I am afraid of, I think about the things that I want. I said to myself over and over there is a seat for me and there was.

We were working on the same thing yesterday. We had a great time looking at houses and are so close to getting the one that we liked that best. We have a great agent who is sweet, knowledgeable and so helpful. We like her so much but she is not the listing agent, so we took a little time at lunch to think about the kind of person (property manager) that we would like to work with and started on drawing them to us.

Now I know this might sound odd to some but it has really worked for us, as well as following intuition. This is what I mean: 1-Jared takes job because of the “feeling” that we have about it. 2-Then he suggests that I talk to someone at church about finding a rental agent in Texas for our house, I chase a few connections and then find a good one. 3- I’m house hunting on-line before this week and send out a bunch of emails. I get a really good feeling about one of them and she is now the agent that we are working with. 4- Yesterday we both had this same feeling about only one of the houses that we looked at.

So you see that it is a bit more than just like or dislike, it is a deeper inner knowing. I think all of us at different times have had it crop up to warn us of danger (pit of the stomach), to let us know that someone is important (got an unshakable glow when I met my husband). When you learn to trust this feeling/knowing you will find paths that open to you in many different ways because you are not trapped by the logical and the obvious.

So after all the house hunting we went exploring. We went to McIntyre park and the Down town mall (which is open air). We sat outside in this beautiful historic mall and had pizza. We took a nice stroll through the park. (That’s were the pic’s are from)

The best part of the day was the way my husband and I kept reminding ourselves to go with the flow and enjoy this experience, to focus on what we want not what we don’t want. It has changed this entire trip for me. I am really seeing how much I can choose to be unhappy or happy and I like that it up to me.


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  1. I’m going to try that out- trying to draw what I want toward me instead of focusing on the negative. Thank you for the suggestion 🙂

  2. I am in Costa Rica because I tuned into that inner listening, that deep instinct, that God in me, and asked: Now what? I didn’t focus on drawing something specific to me though, it was more like I focused on drawing me into the happiness I knew had to be out there for me, regardless of the human logic of it. Every step of the way, I’ve stopped and asked that inner guide: Show me the path. And it has. It has led me to one of the happiest points in my life to date, and into a very peace-giving connection to the spark of God in me. I think it’s a matter of being willing to find that voice and then follow it- too many people ‘shush’ it when it says things they don’t want to hear or things they don’t understand. Even I do that sometimes. Good for you and your hubby for opening yourself up and listening.

    • I know what you mean. its a little scary to really step out there into the world of faith and believe, not because you are good or have earned it but because God loves to love his children and wants to see us succeed.

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