Yes, No…Maybe


This is the house that Jared and I decided we liked best  on Sunday. It was built in 1912 and had totally been refurbished on the inside.

It is a three bedroom, one bath, with a basement room and a small back yard. It is charming and oh so cute. As soon as I went up stairs I knew this was the house for us.

So we started the contract process and our agent contacted the agent who is in charge of the property. She was out, so our agent left her an email with a few questions and we decided to come back the next day and finalize everything. Jared and I were so excited. I had trouble sleeping.

And then the phone range as we were getting ready the next morning. Our agent called to tell us that when the other agent got back to her, she said that the owners did not allow pets. This made our agent very mad because the listing specifically said that pets were fine. She told us that she had chewed the other agent out and asked her to talk to her clients on our behalf and was waiting for that call.

In the mean time, we went and looked at six more houses. There was only one that interested us. The whole time Jared and I reminded ourselves that there WAS a house for us and it was just a matter of hanging in there to find it.

When we got back to our hotel room we were both exhausted but settled that we could live for a year in one of the other houses. We both laid down for a nap and then the phone range.

It was our agent calling to say that the other agent had persuaded the owner to allow our cats. We were both stunned. The day had been such and emotional roller-coaster: Happy, deflated, scared, reconciled and then stunned.

So its Tuesday morning and we are again going to our agent to finalize the paper work and then go take measurements. I am a little apprehensive after all that happened yesterday but Jared and I have managed to look at it in a different light.

We asked the universe for something and we thought we got it. We were tested on how willing we were to be flexible and accept change. Because we stayed positive, wanting only what was best for us, even if that meant reconsidering what we could do for a year,we did it. And now that house that we fell in love with will be ours. What a crazy, crazy day.


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    • I think that we will rent the first year and then see where it goes from there. His contract is only for a year so things could change again. But for now we’ll be in Charlottesville.

  1. Yay! I know you’re relieved to have the house hunting bit over with, and you got what felt right to you, even if you had to go through the up and down first. That happens sometimes, but still: Yay!

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