Home Sweet Home


Yesterday in the middle of trying to decide what we wanted to do; we went out to the area we would be moving to and snooped around.

There is this beautiful park Called Beaver Creek Lake about five minutes from our house. I haven’t been stunned by nature in a while. I stood on the shore and looked out over the water to the rolling hills and cloud covered mountains beyond and thought “this is five minutes from my house?”

I got shivers when the birds circling above the trees let out a cry and I realized that they were not vultures (Like I’m used to) but hawks.

As we looked around a couple lunched their double kayak. I watched until they disappeared behind a bend and thought “we have got to do that.”

On the way back we stopped by the house just to remind ourselves why we liked it so much. We had the same ear to ear grins that we got the first time. On our way back we did a u-turn in the church’s parking lot (there is a church next to our house.)

Looking behind us, I shouted for Jared to stop. Scampering up out of a little gully were two unattended baby foxes. They made their way quickly into the underbrush but not before we saw them. It was really amazing to see wild animals so close. Props to Charlottesville for keeping their trees.

On the way back we passed this old barn. I hopped out to take a photo and the donkey that had been resting in its shade got up to check me out. I was so happy, I love donkeys. This one was shy and didn’t come over to the fence. But I took his picture anyway.

We drove back into town amazed by the calm and wild life that is going to be all around us all the time. It is something that we both have missed since moving to Texas. I can’t wait to get to know this great town and all of its secrets.We haven’t even done any of the touristy things like Monticello or the University of Virgina campus. I am looking forward to driving the smokey mountain road once the leaves start to change. Which should happen in October.

So we made it. In five days we found a place to live and got to know that town a little bit. We had a chance to explore and see what this town has to offer. I am excited about the possibilities before us. All in all this trip turned out to be everything we hoped for.

Don’t worry I’ll be sending change of address cards soon!


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  1. It’s GORGEOUS there! I’m so happy for you guys- you’re getting everything you want and more you haven’t discovered yet 🙂

  2. Yay! It’s so gorgeous! I can’t wait to haul my tropical butt up to visit you in January so I can play in the snow and then whimper about being cold (’cause I’m a wuss).

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