They know something is up


We got back yesterday after a five-day trip to find a house and were greeted by all three cats sitting in the living room. Sandy ran over and demanded pets, Mr. P wanted out and Ben suspiciously sniffed the luggage.

They know something is up. We have been moving stuff around but not packing, odd people have been coming to the house. Then we had the nerve to drag out the backpacks and disappear for a week. They don’t know that I am leaving in three days to be gone again but more on that later.

In the mean time Jared will be here and the house will be pretty quiet, but if you’ve had cats for long you know that doesn’t matter. Almost from the moment we decided to move and got rolling they have been on edge. They don’t like change, they don’t like moving and they despise the kitty carriers. In preparation for the epic car trip, I called the vet and got some kitty Prozac to help them travel better. Though I don’t think three cats in a car can really travel well anyway, we’re going to do it (I wish we had a station wagon).

Sandy seems to be taking it the best but he’s pretty laid back, Mr.P just disappears when he gets overwhelmed and Ben runs around like a crazy thing crying and alternatively hissing at everything. I know this transition will be difficult for them but in a month or two they will settle back into some pattern that they understand and life will be crazy normal instead of crazy, crazy.


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  1. I have never had the “joy” of moving our cats cross country. Just moving a mile down the road was bad enough. I hope the prozac works. Also, station wagon has been my dream car for years. Nick and everyone laughs about it, but they sure would come in handy for moving, biking, kayaking, whatever.

  2. LOL! My favorite car EVER is one of those old woody wagons- the kind you see in really bad ’50’s beach movies, the kind you can strap six surfboards to the top of and cram ten people into… Yeah, so I’m a dork, but I don’t care.

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