Beyond borders


Tomorrow I get on a plain and fly non-stop to Costa Rica. I’m going to be staying there for a week with my friend Eve. You will probably be hearing from here if I can talk her into a guest blog (which shouldn’t be hard). She is living there for one year to write and re-evaluate her life.

I am going because:

a-she is there

b-no hotel fee

c-its beautiful

If you want to get a sneak peek this is her blog:

Even though this hits in the middle of moving to Virginia, I am glad I didn’t change my mind. Most of what we needed to get done is already accomplished and the rest is being done by the movers. So that was leaving me with a lot of “freaking out” time on my hands to obsess about things that I have no control over. This way I get to go and see her, hopefully take a lot of amazing photographs (don’t worry I’ll be posting) and come back when I can actually do something productive. 

I will not be staying in the “tourist” part of Costa Rica. My friend has rented a small 1BR house on the Nicoya Peninsula. She is staying way down on the tip near Montezuma. It will take her about 4hrs to some get me at the air port in San Jose.

The pictures that I have seen on her blog are just breath-taking. It is a wild, very green place, with rocky majestic beaches. There are two nature reserves that we will be going to and I am excited to see monkeys and sloths. I have never seen wild iguanas either! In face, aside from you regular North American critters, I have never seen anything in the wild.

I am really looking forward to exploring a new country. I have never been to central America before. My husband has been talking about us going to Mexico for a while but it never seems to happen. Maybe when I come back with lots of stories he will be encouraged to travel more.

So for the next week I will be posting from the lovely Costa Rica. The blog will appear at a  slightly different time due to the time change, but it will be worth it. I can’t believe it starts tomorrow! I better go double-check my suit case.


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  1. I am blissfully excited that you’re coming. I love this place and have been itching to share it with someone who will see the beauty and be in awe with me. Thanks, also, for the nod to my blog. 🙂 See you soon!

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