Across the boarder


The flight to Costa Rica was 4 ½ hrs, pretty smooth and uneventful as flights should be. When I got to the air port in San Jose, I went through customs (which was easy) and walked out of the air port. Apparently in Costa Rica you are not allowed to enter to air port unless you are actually getting on a plain. I saw Eve even before I got out the doors, she’s hard to miss.

In a sea of moderately tall, brown faces there was one Amazonian white chick, with a lion’s main of golden hair. I knew this was going to be a great trip at that moment.

We stayed the night close to the air port because it is a six hour drive to the southern part of the northern peninsula where she is living. The B&B that she chose was wonderful. It had a celestial theme and commanded an amazing view, high above the central valley that I experienced the next morning.

I don’t know if I was restless or just not in sync with the local time yet (it’s an hour earlier here) but I got up at five am when the soft light of day started to stream in the huge windows that surrounded our room. A bird started singing outside my room and I felt the call to get up and go do some yoga. This was interesting to me. With all the moving and traveling madness, I haven’t had a lot of time to work on my practice, but I got dressed and carted myself pool side.

There was no one else there, in the still cool air I could see the mist filling the valley, the sun slowly breaking through the clouds and the parakeets talking to one another as they flew by. As I warmed up and moved through the familiar postures, I was grateful: to myself for honoring the need to take some time at this moment and for the trip in general, for the beauty of the earth and all the creatures that walk upon it.

As I finished my meditation, I listened to the sounds around me familiar and strange. There was the whirr of humming bird’s wings, various birds calling to each other, dogs and cows in the distance calling out. When I opened my eyes a bush nearby was covered in butterflies. I do mean covered, there must have been 20-30 of them hovering and tasting the flowers. They were very particular, just this one bush got all the attention. I have never seen so many butterflies not in captivity.

We had a wonderful breakfast of juice, toast, coffee and some egg thing that was really yummy before we hit the road. I couldn’t have asked for a better beginning.


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  1. The joy and beauty of God’s creation is ever around us…if we are willing to stop and fine it in the small moments that He has prepared for us…So glad you two ae off to sucha great start.

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