Rustic Beauty



Today we went to the beach. After a leisurely morning of yoga and granola we headed out for the Pacific coast (west). We drove about 15 min to Montezuma (the nearest town) to Playa los Cedros. It is a public beach that is not used very often but stunningly beautiful.

When I think of a beach I think of sand, nine years of Florida has this embedded in my brain. But that is not what I beheld when I stepped out of the truck. The coast line was dominated by huge chunks of rock, jutting out of the water and land. The surf surged and pounded the rocks and a lone pelican was fishing beyond the breakers. The ground was covered in various sizes of stones, from smooth thumb sized pebbles to what looked like sand but was really crushed rock.

After exploring the rocks, we decided to walk up a fresh water stream that borders the beach. We turned a bend and found a magnificent water fall. The juxtaposition of this fresh water wonder flowing to the sea surprised me. We played for a while in the water fall before heading back to walk the other end of the beach.

Slightly sun burnt, but happy we headed home for showers and the grocery store.  While hanging out on the porch, heard footsteps over head; as I looked out a whole family of Howlers made their way down the power line to the trees below our house. First, were a mama and her baby. Then, two young ones, and I could still hear more on the roof.

The next thing I knew the daddy monkey was sitting half way down the line staring at me. He stayed there for a moment and then went back. I went inside fearing that I had startled him and separated him from his family. A few moments later another female with a baby trotted down the line with papa drawing up the rear. He huffed at me a few times and then made his way off to join the others.

I was thrilled to get a few shots of him, hope you like them.


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