Day Four:  Curu Wildlife Refuge

About an hour from where I am staying there is a wildlife refuge. Eve and I started out early with our pick-nick lunch to hike and see some animals in the wild. We parked at the main area and took a quick rest stop before heading out. While there I met a sweet cocker spaniel, eager to be petted and doted on.

As we hit the trail the dog decided to come with us, three hours later she was the one who lead us back to the park entrance after chasing some raccoons up a tree in our defense.  She never left our side and dutifully scouted ahead making sure we were safe and that nothing interesting passed us by.

Through the course of the afternoon we saw: Howlers, white faced and spider monkeys, white tailed deer, raccoons, agouti (large rat that lives in the marshes like a capybara), variegated squirrels, Jesus Christ lizard, iguanas, black hawk, laughing falcon, crested Caracara, humming birds, great owl butterflies, giant atreus owl butterflies and these amazing rainbow colored crabs.

We hiked through jungle, fields, over creeks and up hills with breezes and stifling humidity. It was an amazing day. Later that night, we decided to head down to Montezuma to do a little shopping and walk the beach before heading home to make black beans and rice.


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