Day Five: Cabo Blanco


Day five: Cabo Blonco nature reserve

Later in the day we drove down past Montezuma to a huge nature reserve that surrounds the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. It was raining but we decided that we would go for it any way. I mean how many people can say they hiked through the rain forest while it was raining?

The hike was long and challenging, mostly up hill. Now let me say that I am NOT a mad hiker. In fact I usually shy away from anything that looks to arduous but there was something about the rain, the silence and the hugeness of the trees that kept me going.

We hiked for two and a half hours (the whole trail) all the way to the beach. I had brought my camera and we stuffed it in a backpack. When we got to the beach I realized that it was soaking wet. Digital and water don’t mix. I immediately took the battery out so it couldn’t turn itself on and them the memory card. It is now drying with as many parts open as I can get too in the hopes that it is salvageable.

So as I mopped and fretted on the beach; Evie got smart and went swimming in her underpants. (There was nobody else on the beach or at the park for that matter.) We ate our picnic lunch and headed back. That was the challenging part. At least most of it was downhill this time, but we were both tiered. This is when I good hiking partner comes into play. We chatted and shared stories and philosophies between gaspy breaths and sooner than we expected we made it back to the beginning, with a cheer that startled the guy at the ranger station.

I learned a lot about myself yesterday and what I can do when I believe in myself. I am a strong person inside and out and for me this day showed that I can do a lot more than even I think I can.


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