What I learned in Costa Rica


There is something to be said ab out traveling outside of your native country and getting the world from a different view. Over the past week I spent all lost all of my time on the Nicoya Peninsula. For a small country there is a lot of land that is reserved for wildlife, mostly due to foreigners who came in the 70’s and couldn’t believe that these reserves did not already exist.

The people there are very friendly and open. They wave when you drive by and are  willing to talk to you. There is a general sense of contentment that would not be found in a community so poor. Most of the people on the peninsula don’t own a vehicle and rely on huge buses, bicycles or ATV’s to get around. Those who do have a car drive 4 wheel drive SUV’s because the roads are so bad.

Speaking of the roads, this was one of the first things that showed me how different these people are from a lot of Americans I know. There was a small bridge out, the locals had gotten together and put a huge concrete pipe in the stream next to the bridge and covered it with rock so that it was  pass-able because there are very few public work crews and nothing happens fast there. This would not have happened in America, at least not the parts of it that I know.Another time after a big rain, the road we were traveling on had a huge ditch washed out and filled with muddy ruts. There were local men waiting in the side of the road to make sure that if anyone got stuck they could help them.

I don’t mean to paint this place as without inconveniences or discomforts but in the face of all that these people seem a lot happier that a lot of people I know who have more. It was refreshing to be in ap lace where happiness comes from the people you are with and the beauty that surrounds you, not the stuff in your house or the amount of money in the bank.

So as I prepare for my own move to a new place this week. I will try to remember that less is more and I have a choice where I place my value: on things that rot and fade or on love and memories that won’t.

Thanks Eve for a wonderful week, you are a great tour guide and friend.


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