This is not my home


As I sit here on a quiet Tuesday morning, I realize that this house no longer feels like my home. How odd that the transition happened without my noticing, that my affections have a will of their own. This house has been good to me; I started my married life in it and learned to love it and improve it. We have become a funny little family with three cats and no kids.

I became a writer in this house and concocted this crazy scheme of not teaching any more. I have been loved greatly by my in-laws, they have filled a family space that I have had for a long time. I have grown to love my church and the choir in more ways than I can express. I finally feel like I know this city and it is time to leave.

I will miss all of these things and my heart hurts to leave people so cherished behind but I also know that it is right. I have moved a good bit in my life time. I know how to pack a suit case or a house. I know how to leave people and things behind. But for the first time in my life it feels like I am choosing this change and it is choosing me. I have moved for lots of different reasons in the past, some seem from miles and months away and some posted on the door. Each leaving its mark in the journey of my life.

And now…Now I choose to see the possibilities. I choose not to be overwhelmed or frustrated. I choose to work happily side by side with my husband until this journey is done and we are settled in our new home. I believe that this move is full of possibility and that many adventures are waiting for us there (starting with three drugged in cats in one car).

So as I sit here in the quiet thinking about how blessed I am, I choose to recognize and say thank you for the divine hand in all of this. And thank you for the ability to see it and recognize the beauty of alignment  in action. Thank you God for all the amazing ways you shape my life.


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