Out of pocket


As I have mentioned before, I am about to be unavailable for a week or so. I will do my best to find a public library or cafe’ that will let me use the internet. In the mean time, I will be unable to do daily posts while unpacking.

The other semi important note is that while in Costa Rica I killed my camera. I think the lenses are fine but I got the body o the camera wet and it’s not working. I plan to find a camera shop and take it in and to get a warranty on my next one. Lesson learned.

I am very excited about driving to Virgina tomorrow. It has been a few weeks and the image of the house in my head is fuzzy. Jared has a little digital camera so I will be able to take some shots and will be uploading them as I am able.  It feels odd, I feel more like I am on vacation than moving, except the cats are with us. Having no moving truck and a moderate amount of stuff.

Last night I couldn’t sleep very well, plagued with thoughts about the new house. I am uneasy about the fact that it has been over a month since I have written anything and I can’t see anything happening for at least another two weeks, until we are settled. But there are a lot of possibilities before me. I really want to take some actual grammar/ structure classes to improve my writing. I have a small amount of personal cash a month and I think that I will be using some of it to that end.

There are a lot of humming birds here and I wish that I could take pictures of them to show you. Jared’s grandmother lives on a beautiful lake in Alabama. It is nice to spend a few days resting before we hit it road again tomorrow at 5am. The goal is to get there in time to have the property manager open the house for us. The cats will spend the first night or so in the wash room downstairs so that they can get acquainted with the new house.

The furniture and stuff should arrive Tuesday/Wednesday and then Jared is going on a retreat that weekend. But I think it will be fine. I am a manic unpack-er and won’t be happy until 99% of it is put away anyway.

When I think about my new office I get a warm fuzzy feeling. There are two windows that fill the room with light and make the space feel open and inviting. I can’t wait to see my desk in there and start making it my own.

Well I think that is about all for now. Here’s hoping you hear from me sooner instead of later.


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  1. That sucks…I was really hoping and believing the water would dry up and it would be okay. Sigh. Sorry, hon. On a happier note, I’m excited for you about your new writing space. I think you’ll be really happy with the light and the view of the great outdoors- especially now that you’ll have some outdoors to view there.

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