Cross Country with cats:09/13


We left around 7:30 am from Ft. Worth to travel 12hrs to Alabama. I dutifully gave the cats their medication and loaded them into the car. For the first hour or so they cried and then gave into the hopelessness of a car ride. Jared lovingly got them out one at a time and gave them a few pets, getting completely fluffed in the process.

We arrived in Alabama around 9pm with little fan fare. Jared’s grandmother Carolyn is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Then had a very late dinner, sequestered the cats in the laundry room and carted ourselves to bed. The next day we enjoyed resting and spending time with Carolyn, sharing stories and cooking.

Sunday we attended church with her. It was nice and the choir did a great job. We came home and started prepping for the next morning’s departure (5am). We got everything together and loaded what we could.

The next morning Jared and I woke up extra early. We got everything packed and ready. We had a quick breakfast with Carolyn and then were on the road. Ben decided that it would be a great idea to not only eat his “treat” but Sandy’s as well. He was really out of it for about three hours. Inner eye lids half closed, rolling around in his carrier. Don’t try this at home! Aside from Ben’s antics it went pretty well. Mp. P was not thrilled about a second day in the car but eventually they gave up and settled in.

We arrived in Charlottesville around 6:30 pm that night. The manager had left the house open for us and keys inside. We dropped our stuff and put the cats in the washroom for now. They don’t eat or drink very much when they travel so it’s important to put them in a quiet place so they will take care of themselves.

We inflated the air mattress and pulled out the sheets and blanket we had dutifully stowed. After all the basics were covered we walked through the house, looking to see if out plans for the furniture would work and if we needed to get anything that night. We remembered it mostly like it is and sans one shower curtain we were good to go.

So we left the cats to guard the house and trotted out to find food and a Target. After dinner we realized that we didn’t get the rings that hold the shower curtain in place, but we thought “hey we do baths,” unfortunately the hot water heater was not turned on yet. With a little investigating we found the breaker box and kicked it on. But that meant no warm showers right away.

After an exhausting day of travel and cats, all I really wanted was sleep. Jared insisted on sleeping with the windows open. At first I was hesitant, but as the sound of crickets filled our room I relaxed and drifted off into some well deserved sleep.


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