(This is a picture of my friend Eve pool side in Costa Rica)

There was something in the air this morning when I work up, the light was brighter, the air crisper and I knew it was a yoga morning. I haven’t been practicing much due to vacation and moving  and I can really tell. I slightly pulled my back moving all those boxes and my calves have had a thing or two to say about walking up and down stairs all day.

But none of that entered my mind as a joyfully pulled on my yoga clothes and headed up stairs. There is something wonderful about having a space that is yours alone. Be it a corner in the kitchen or a whole house, knowing that the space is holy and dedicated to your worship or creativity gives it a different feeling than the rest of the house.

Walking up stairs I got a tingle thinking about how much I love yoga and how it feeds me spiritually and physically. I closed the door to the den to keep the cats meowing at a distance and began to inhabit my space.

I have been dreaming about this space for over a month; the light, how it would feel to be in it. It was hard to imagine until now how perfect it is.  I opened the window and raised the blinds, grabbed a favorite CD and began my warm up.

It is hard to describe the feel I have when I am centered in my practice. It is not like being in the “zone” when I am painting or drawing, it is more effortless than that. I feel my thoughts fall away and a great love well up from within me for myself, my body and everything. It is a place of peace and serenity that I don’t find many other places.

Today when I went into silence at the end of my practice I was filled with such joy and light. I have rarely experienced this level of openness and detachment from all my “stuff.” It was beautiful to take the morning to be with myself, honoring my body, mind and spirit.


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