Star Wars Episodes: 4,5 & 6


As promised here is the second half of my movie review of the six star Wars movies. I can happily say that these three movies are far and away better in content, action and character development than the three that followed them. My only hint of displeasure is that there have been scenes and CGI thrown in here and there in all three of the movies and I found that disorienting. Lucas can’t seem to leave a good thing alone.

I will begin by saying I have very fond memories of these movies from my childhood and as stated in my other review this is why I was so bitterly disappointed with the movies that came later. There is a danger in re-watching movies that you loved when you were younger, with that inability to really suspend reality, I have had several childhood favorites fade and be permanently damaged in my memory by doing so. There was a real fear that everything that I loved about these movies might seem over the top or just bad compared with my 20th century tastes, but much to my relief and enjoyment it was not so.

Episode 4: A new hope

Who doesn’t like the beginning of a story? You get introduced to a new world with familiar and different characters. Here we have the beginning of the typical “hero” mythos: Young hero has no direction, events cause him to seek out a sage (Obi-Wan), they begin a quest all the while the young hero is learning his skills in preparation for the task head. He has valiant, though money driven, friends who make his adventures funny and possible.

There is a princess to be saved, she is the good kind of princess; smart, strong and knows how to use a gun. As in all hero legends the pupil must surpass his teacher to fulfill his destiny, and so we have the epic scene of Darth vs. Obi-Wan. Of course Luck doesn’t get any of this but he will that’s what trilogies are for. The princess though grateful to them both seems to be in a bit of a love triangle: the rouge or the white night? Its a hard choice. I had forgotten how funny the droids are. How many times does R2D2 save the day?

Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back

I understand why this is most people’s least favorite of the original three. It is the middle, the whole point of the movie is to move the story forward a bit but not so far that we get into the end. But for me its all about the love story, unlike the horrible and I do mean horrible love story in the new movies, Leia is not so easily persuaded, she knows he’s not such a trust worthy guy, although she wants to believe other wise. You get more of the love triangle thing going on but its obvious who she is really interested in.

Luke gets a little better fleshed out but is still a little whiny when dealing with Yoda. Yep I said the name, YODA.

  (okay that’s not from the movie but I couldn’t help myself)

Yoda is one of my all time favorite characters, he is the “sage” in a way but he’s so playful. I was struck watching the movie how much he laughs and messes with R2D2. I have always loved Jim Henson and his Muppets, to see them on such a scale is amazing. But Luke like all impatient young heroes forgoes all of his training because of a vision of the possible future.

Enter cloud city, I really like this place, interesting concept and all. From here on out there are only two really notable things: Han ends up in carbonate/Leia loves him and Luke and Darth go for round one. Luke looses a hand and finds that Darth is his dad! The movie ends in a weird place but there’s not much to be done about it.

Episode 6: Return of the Jedi

Honestly I can’t even tell you how many times I have watched this movie. My dad and brother were obsessed with it when I was growing up. I think the only movie that I watched as much was The Wizard of OZ, that was my little sis’s movie of choice. So I remembered most of it. I did not care for the digital additions to the bar scenes or the Sarlacc. This movie is so full of cool monsters and aliens, it was hard for me to care about Luke kicking but with Jaba’s little pet sitting their laughing away how could I? I love the part where R2 zaps him, such a great little droid.So Luke saves every one, again and they meet up with the rebel fleet.

Enter the teddy bears. It makes scene that the moon would have life on it but why teddy bears? Total marketing decision, not only do they appeal to fans of the movie but you can get that dreaded little girl audience too, if their cute enough. Luke goes back to Dagobah to complete his training but its too late, Yoda is dying. He manages to tell Luke that there is another Skywalker.

Darth and Luke play cat and mouse while the others try to take down a deflector shield and Lando guides the fleet so they do not get shot out of the sky. In the mean time Luke surrenders and Darth takes him to the Emperor. They try to get him to give in to the dark side but he won’t do it. After battling with his father, who figures out about his sister; Luck cuts off Darth’s hand. The wires sticking out are some kind of strange reality check for him. The Emperor realizes he can’t turn him so he tries to kill him. A seemingly easy thing for him to do, except he doesn’t bet on Darth, who chucks him and saves his son. The bonfire scene is one of my very favorite in the entire series, the music is perfect with the silhouette. The love story gets all sorted out when Han finally gets a clue.

But the last two minuets of the movie made me so mad. I know how it ends, Luke looks out into the forest to see his mentors standing there in spirit and his father is with them, this is the problem I have.

Pardon my language but WTF? What is wrong with the original one? Where you clearly recognize the man Luke was just talking to? This is marketing at it worst.

That said I loved these three movies and will defiantly watch them again and forget that they ever made the other ones. Now if they made a movie about Leia becoming a Jedi that I might go see.


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  1. Okay…I’m with you on the WTF?!? I haven’t seen the remaster edition of Return and had no idea they’d replaced the last scene with whats-his-face whinypants. That’s so not right! Let Anikin be grown up, for pete’s sake, not still younger than Luke! Sigh. I’m sad now.

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