Baking Frenzy


For some unknown reason I have to bake some days. “Real” food will not satisfy this particular desire. I need flour, sugar, eggs and a mixed to make my world go round.

This morning it was brought on by my husband going for a walk and extra fruit. I was going to make pancakes, quick easy and oh so tasty. But then he said he wanted to go on a walk and threw a wrench into my time frame so I looked about and saw two sad bananas sitting on the counter and cracked out the cook book.

But that was not going to be breakfast. I grabbed the hand written cookbook that my mom and I made before I went to college and looked up the coffee cake recipe. I have probably made this more than any other recipe in the book, with lots of modifications depending on the mood.

Now I have banana bread in the bread maker and coffee cake in the oven; all I have to do is make some coffee. I was thinking about this compulsion of mine, it has very little to do with eating what I am making. I used to back a lot with my mom and sister when I was younger and this is the one bit that I have retained. I get a nice homey feeling when I bake. Also I feel like I’m using my brain in new and interesting ways because I never cook a recipe the same twice.

So here’s to Saturday morning experimentation.


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