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So I’m in a rough patch but through talking with my friends and on-line forums I think I have come to a solution that is really putting the exciting back into my first novel. I am going to break it in to five parts. Let me begin by explaining the it is an epic and I do mean epic fantasy that is over 100,000 words long. The problem being that even thought it is such a monster, I don’t feel that all the stuff that should be in there is. By breaking it up I not only make it more accessible but I can add all of the detail and subtlety that I was longing for.

In the mean time I have decided to start on the outlines for a completely different project so that I can get the creativity flowing again. It is hard to stay motivated when you don’t even want to look at what you should be working on. This new project requires research and a gentile hand. It is a novel about abuse, I don’t want it to be too in your face or generalized either. I want you to understand the dilemma the main character finds herself in and how she gets to acceptance. It is not your typical abuse story and that is why I’m want to make sure that I have enough insight to write it correctly and not make stereotypical suggestions about her motivations. Also there are many woman in my life who have suffered through this and I want to make sure that I am not “borrowing ” anything.

by Ben Osborne

So that is what I on the writing front, I am going to write something today if it kills me. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.


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    • Thanks, its important to me that I make something authentic. But at the same time I know when I got to write her best friend in high school who that will be. I only have one to start with. I’m sure you’ll morph into something else entirely but that’s the starting point. I think her friend that she lives with in college will defiantly be fun to write. I’m going to have fun exaggerating things a bit. Anyhow thanks for the note, its nice to hear from you.

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