Guest Blogging


New endeavor:

As a way to add some traffic to the blog, I joined a few free blog listing sites (Face book, Reddit, Digg, Stumble Upon and blogger link up) and I have to say that it is working. I have seen my small amount of traffic double but that is not what this post is about.

One of these sites (blogger link up) has an interesting feature.  The moderator emails a list of requested host blogs and pre-written blogs that came be used. I didn’t think much about it until I looked over the list.

As I have mentioned before I was an art teacher for seven years and it was something that I enjoyed and was good at. The listing that caught my eye was for a guest hosting to explain how to make different types of children’s masks. As a beginning writer with few credentials, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to use my developed skills to help my growing ones.

So I emailed the contact and she was more than happy to have me do the guest writing. I am currently working on four different lesson plans and will have it accomplished by the end of the week. It was really nice to find this opportunity to improve in my writing skills, get out there a little bit and have some fun. I highly recommend that if you  post on multiple sites. If not you should think about it. Most of the ones listed here you can do from your word-press using the “share” button, so easy and worth the time.

I’ll post a link when the stories go up. Thanks for the encouragement.


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