Fungus amongus


I have always like mushrooms but since I’ve gone vegetarian I have been exposed to a whole new world of flavor and texture.

As a child I thought that the only mushrooms that existed where occasionally the white button kind (though I didn’t know that was their name) and the kind that came in a can. I would hear strange words like Portobello, Oyster or Shiitake and imagine strange shapes and places never really grounding them in reality.

After a beginner’s education in how to cook veggie from, I began to understand the uses of these wonderful fungi and how they could add depth, heartiness or subtly to a variety of dishes.

I’m on a mushroom kick today because its fall and I am temped once again to add another soup to the list of my creations. I should say that I tend to be a fast but delicious cook, specializing in the 30 min or less wow. But I also like to “play” and when that ich gets going I can over look the time limits. So the challenge for this fall/winter is to perfect the “barley mushroom soup” that I started last year.

I am close but it got to thick and something I added over powered the rustic-ness of the mushrooms. It was good, just not perfect yet. So I’ll be off to the store in the next couple of days drooling over the bins of wonderful fragrant fungi, dreaming up ways to make them even more wonderful.

I hope you get brave enough to explore the wonderful world of mushrooms, I am so glad that I did.



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