How it be kind


I don’t know how to be kind to you.

There are so many times that you have missed the mark,

So many times that you have failed to accomplish your goals.

How can you expect me to love someone who doesn’t love themselves?

I will not help you, you have to solve this yourself and you have five minuets to do so.

You know that today will be no different from yesterday, so why are you still trying?

Why bother?


I try, because I know it CAN be different.

That all people make mistakes, fall down and try again.

I choose to believe that I do not have to live this way,

That it is my responsibility to find a way out of the dark even if it takes a long time.

But in the mean time, I need to be kind to myself and remember that everyone struggles.

Everyone doubts and questions themselves.

And I can choose to love me even when it feels like no one else does.



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  1. Just so you know, even if I’m a gazillion miles away and can’t tell you every day: I love you. You are never unloved. I believe in you, and I know you are good at everything you put your mind to. There’s no such thing as failure, just a long series of learning experiences until you get it right.

    • It has been hard the past week or so. I have to remember that depression isn’t something that you “fix” and its gone it is a life long tendency that I have to learn to manage and love myself through. It was really hard thought to see it come back so quickly and easily if I’m not really taking care of myself.

  2. I recognize that first voice- it speaks to me on an almost daily basis. You are better at negating it than I am, but with persistence I might just beat it someday too 🙂

    • I write these things to remind myself. Other wise that “other” voice is the only one I hear and I nee to hear the truth that comes from somewhere much deeper than my ego.

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