Preparing the way


So I’ve lived in my new house for about a month now, I still have no couch. Why, you say, is this such a big deal?

I have noticed a pattern in my life: if I don’t prepare for the changes that I’m asking for, they don’t happen.

For example: we have all known that person who complains incessantly about not having a love life. But when you probe deeper to find out why all kinds of things crop up: they never go out-how can you meet someone if you don’t go out? They don’t have any time: How can someone be in your life if you don’t have time? They are really picky: people have flaws all of them, so unless your actively building a robot in the garage this is a problem.

Still you are wondering, how this pertains to my couch? As you can see from the pictures the living room was not even close  to being finished. In fact it looked like the day we moved in. This was very disturbing to me because it is the fist thing you see coming into the house and passing to any other part of the house and was a constant reminder of how “not done” it was.

In the mean time the rest of the house was coming together nicely and we had found all of the pieces that we were looking for except a couch. And I believe the state of the room has something to do with it. All of the other rooms had been organized to the best of our ability art hung and we were using them, but not the living room. It remained a nebulas pile of stuff.

So this past weekend I got motivated. I organized it all, put lingering things away and hung all of the art. Not only does the dining room and hall look better but the living room is primed and ready for the perfect couch.

Is this really just about couches? Of course not. I have realized in my struggles of late with my writing that I have been afraid of “doing bad, doing well” they both have consequences. If I do “badly” I fail, if I “do well” my whole life could change again.  But in the mean time I live in limbo land where I am running in circles and not getting much done.

So today I will clear off my desk and put my space in order. I will make room for the creativity and writing to come, knowing that it will. I am so thankful for this lesson in furniture and life.



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  1. That is the problem with ‘clutter’…Is it something we need that is just out of place and on hold…or is it holding us back with a sense of obligation and indecision. Go girl!!! You have the tools you need…dig deep and begin again.

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