Slow, slow, slow


Today I can totally relate to this guy. Stayed up too late for unknown reasons, got up late and now I am looking at the clock and wondering where my morning went?

This week has not been easy. I am still struggling with the writing even thought I “feel” better. How can you want to do something and be so scared that you don’t do anything at all? I don’t get it, I don’t like this part of me that is so easily distracted and convinced that things are hard or impossible.

So I’m going to get my turtle butt in gear.  I’m not leaving the house until I have written something. I don’t care what but something. I don’t want this pattern I have going to become a habit  so I better change it now.

Why is chasing your dreams hard? Shouldn’t it be easy to be motivated to do what you “love” to do? Oh wait, but then there is all the ego, real life, self-esteem crap that goes along with it. I  am only going to stick with one piece of advice today “real writers write” and that is what makes them different from the people who want to write. So here I go, writing.


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  1. Good lord but I know how this feels! I’m getting back into my routine after my trip to Panama and such, but it’s so hard. I want to write. I want to be successful. I want to be good at this. I want to make this my life, career, future, escape from ever having to have a “normal” job again, etc. But I sit down and a dozen other things I could be doing pop into my mind, or I don’t sit down because there’s laundry to do or a bird to watch or whatever it is that I let distract me from writing. I hate that I let myself be that way, but I know there’s a huge fear in me of finishing this book and having it rejected, or not having it rejected only to find out that it’s the only book I’ve got in me, or any of the other fears that pop up when I think about what I’m doing here. Silly, but it’s what happens.

    • Yep, I did get a little writing done yesterday. It is the first I have really done since the move. I actually had to tell myself to calm down so my hands would stop shaking and I could write. After that though it went just fine. Don’t think I’ll keep much of it but it started the juices going and that was the whole point.

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