Helen Weaver


O our mother the Earth, blessed is your name.

Blessed are your fields and forests, your rocks and mountains, your grasses and trees and flowers, and every green and growing thing.

Blessed are your streams and lakes and rivers,the oceans where our life began, and all your waters that sustain our bodies and refresh our souls.

Blessed is the air we breathe, you atmosphere, that surrounds us and binds us to every living thing.

Blessed are all the creatures who walk along your surface or swim in your waters or fly through your air, for they are all our relatives.

Blessed are all people who share this planet, foe we are all one family, and the same spirit moves through us all.

Blessed is the sun, our day-star, bringer of morning and the heat of summer, giver of light and life.

Blessed is the moon, out night lamp, ruler of the tides, protector of all women, and guardian of our dreams.

Blessed are the stars and planets, the time-keepers, who fill our nights with beauty and our hearts with awe.

O great Spirit whose voice we hear in the wind and whose face we see in the morning sun, blessed is your name.

Help us to remember that you are everywhere, and teach us the way of peace.


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  1. I LOVE THIS! how wonderful would it be to have this on an artwork, framed on the wall, serving as a daily reminder?

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