Happiness or Joy?


This question floated into my awareness this morning during my quiet time. it occurred to me that i have been settling for less than I am intended for and then criticizing myself for not reaching that imaginary measure.

Happiness by its nature is a transient state of being, induced by situations and outcomes favorable to our ego and expectations. The downside it that it is very hard to maintain and the pursuit of it leaves us ever wanting but this is not the case with joy.

Joy in an inherent quality of the soul. it is not defined by out comes or situations and is always present in some quantity. The question is how much do we allow to express at any given time. Because joy is not dependent on our mood joy is one of the natural states of out being.

So this morning I choose joy over happiness. I choose to acknowledge a deep abiding part of myself instead of running around trying to insta-fix my life with a momentary “happy” high. Instead I will look inside and find the deep well of joy that never runs dry and is waiting to be tapped.



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