Forgiveness exercise (15min treatment)


I have been doing a book study on prayer using a book called “Positive Prayer” by Hypatia Hasbrouck. It has been a really interesting study. For three weeks we were asked to pick a visualization to work with, we are in week two. The visualization that I picked in on forgiveness. It has made a huge difference in the way that I feel and helped in releasing old stuff that I don’t need anymore. I’m sharing it with you not as any kind of “fix” but as food for thought.


P.117  “The 15 min treatment”

1-Assume a comfortable position sitting or lying down.

2-Affirm three times “God is the life within me”

3-Affirm three times: I now release every recognized and unrecognized feeling of fear, resentment, condemnation, envy,distrust, hate, or any other negative feeling or thought about myself of others, or anything I or they may have said, thought or done. I forgive myself and others for everything, and I love and bless myself and everyone else.

4-Visualize in detail and color the most beautiful, peaceful scene you can.Bring all your senses into play. Let the feeling of complete oneness with God fill your being.

5-Gradually let the feeling become light that is going through your nervous system. See it flowing to every dark corner.

6-If you know of a specific body part that need healing concentrate and sent the light there.

7-Gradually withdraw from the light and affirm three times “God is life. I am one with God. I am one with life. Thank you God, for perfect life. in the name and nature and through the power of the Christ the great physician.




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  1. When I was much younger [in my twenties!] I did a Bible study called “the Edge of Adventure” that has impacted the rest of my life in untold ways. When you fid a way to tap into the botomless well of God’s love and forgiiveness your life can never be the same. May your steps on this journey be forever sure and the love and strenght you discover be great and overflowing to all you touch.

    • I can really feel myself letting go of a lot of stored up “crap” and letting go of some judgments about myself as well. It has been a really wonderful process so far.

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