Wildflowers or Weeds?


I have never been able to distinguish between wild flowers and weeds.











As  I walk through the woods or field, I see only color and form.











Who decides if a small blossom is beneficial or beautiful?











I would keep them all, each one a unique expression of adaptation and loveliness.


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  1. As a biologist, you can replace the word weeds with herbaceous vegetation that is undesired by humans. You are right, a lot of herbaceous plants have flowers and they are as beautiful as some wildflowers. So, is a thistle a wildflower or weed? It is the national emblem of Scotland. You decide!

    • Awesome! i never heard that word before. I knew that in general “weeds” are only so because they are unwanted by people and not because they don’t have a purpose in their ecosystem. Thanks for the comment.

      P.S I saw a flock of Canada geese the other day and thought of you.

  2. The definition we were alays given for ‘weed’ was that it was plant matter the was growing where you did not want it…s it came down to location more than anything else.
    I do not think that any plant lacks virtue…but that doesn’t mean I won’t prune back and thin my flower garden [if I had one].
    To everything there is a time..and a purpo9se…[and a location] under heaven…but as humans continue to encroach onthe wild areas and demand dominion we will see fewer and fewer places where the wild things can grow and flurish.

  3. As far as I’ve always been concerned if it has flowers it’s pretty enough to keep around. I love wildflowers, whether they’re growing all haphazard on the roadsides or audaciously in the middle of what someone wishes were a perfectly green expanse of manicured lawn. Lover of the underdog that I am, I’m actually more partial to those guys- they’re bold and defiant, growing right where someone says they shouldn’t simply because they feel like that’s where they belong. 🙂

  4. Great pictures Amanda.
    I think weeds or flowers? It is up to the individual. What I do think is that if it is pleasing to the eye and I am enjoying them then flowers they are. These flowers are amazing how they survive and bring life to areas which I can easily have though might have been in habitable. From your comments it sounds like you are enjoying the colour and the peace and quiet where you generally find these flowers. Thank you
    The Margaret River Guide

  5. Your pictures are beautiful! I have always loved wildflowers, and am SO GLAD that our yard is one of beautiful weeds rather than generic lawn.

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