I have decided to take on a little volunteer work at my local SPCA. I really love animals and I think it is good opportunity for me to meet people and do something I like.

I have thought about volunteering in some capacity for years but never really had the time until now. I also think that interacting with people and animals will be nice food for creativity, which has been hard lately.

So I’ll keep you posted on the latest happening and what I end up doing. I encourage you to give a little time (if you have it) to something that you really love or benefit from. There are a million ways to share your gifts and talents.


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  1. I totally agree with you…and the bonus being around/ interacting with others will definitely have it own benefits. We must prime the creative juices somehow. I don’t know of any great creative people who were able to produce in solitude and devoid of contact of some kind.

  2. I feel ya, believe me. Now that I’m starting to volunteer at Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary it’s helping my loneliness and getting that creativity moving. It’s tough to spend all your days alone without much contact. Good for you!

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