Stray thoughts


Through the Creator in me, I AM:

Finding peace, clarity, motivation, power and openness.


With these gifts I Will:

write, expand, create, and become a part of my community.


Today I Will:

Enjoy my work, stay positive, and have pride in my accomplishments.


I wrote this 10/04/2010  before we moved. I happened to come across it this morning while adding a new entry to my “law of attraction journal.” I felt it really speak to me. I have been in a bit of a rut and overwhelmed since we moved but I felt like this was telling me to step up to the next level of who and what I am going to be. That the time for excuses has past and not it is a time of action and conviction. I don’t know how this will affect today or days to come but I found it very comforting.

It is interesting that our words can be messages not only for the moment but to bring us back into focus later on. Have a great day.


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