Don’t know what to write


My mom is in the hospital with moderate/major health concerns. This is the first time in my life (at 30) that my parents heath and mortality has really been spotlighted. I know that aging is part of life and so is our eventual death but that is obliterated by the attachment I have to the people these forces affect.

I know that God is working for the best of all of those who are ill, suffering, dying and healing. I know that the faith they possess heals and eases their transitions. But for the first time I am on the side lines, I am too far away. My words seem little comfort, when I should be there holding her hand and making her laugh.

My mother will be fine, my father loves her and is doing his best to care and be there for her. But I feel out-of-place, I cannot “fix” my mother, I cannot stop the changes that will one day take them from me, I can only let them know how much I love them every moment that we share.

God help me to bring hope and light, help me to draw from your deep well of peace and know that you have planned all things and that every moment is accounted for.


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