What was that place called? R&R part 2


When Rebecca and I left the boar-walk at the warp, we went in search of brown state part signs. We had seen one on the way in and were curious to find out what it was all about.

We ended up at Cedar Key state park. www.floridastateparks.org/cedarkeymuseum/default.cfm When we got to the park the first thing we saw was huge juniper in fruit. I have seen lots of pictures on lotion and such of juniper berries but I had never seen the real deal before. The entire tree was covered in tiny blue-gray berries. They smelled great and were fun to photograph.

Next we went inside part of the original owners’ homestead. The Whitman house was filled with period artifacts and a vast shell collection. There were lots of preserved butterflies and moths as well. We enjoyed looking at all the beautiful things and chatting along the way.

There was a tiny museum inside  the visitors center. We walked through and learned a little bit about how this area had changed over time and had been impacted by the civil war.

There was lots of information about local animals and sea life. I liked the impressive shell collections and identification boards they had on display. It reminded me of my high school marine biology class. Rebecca and I laughed about how few shell names we could actually remember.

It was a very nice park and we enjoyed taking it at a leisurely pace. But once the bases were covered we were ready to move on/head back to town to take showers and relax at my hotel. On the way there we stopped at a place called shell mountain, but that is for next time…

















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