Friendly fisherman, R&R part 3


As we drove in the general direction of my hotel we saw I sign that said, Shell Mound it sounded interesting so we turned off the road to explore. Rebecca was wearing a borrowed pair of cowboy boots that I brought and wasn’t keen on getting them covered in God knows what hiking a trail so we followed the road down to what we assumed would be a boat ramp.

When we got down to the water there were several people fishing, including a net fisher man. We watched for a while but seemed to always miss it when he threw the net.

So we continued on to a small strip of board walk over the water. The sun was out and Rebecca turned to me and asked if we had ever been there before. At the time I said no but I think she is right, that there was another day, in the evening that we had been there before.

Strolling along we noticed a man in a boat with his dog. They were sitting on the edge of the water fishing.

The man seemed friendly. He told us about his catch (catfish) and his plans for dinner. Rebecca and I smiled when he invited us to join him but proceed to causally flash the wedding bands as we rested our hands on the rail. He left the invitation open and we moved on.

On our way back to the car, I finally caught my picture of the net fisherman in action. It looks like you have to be really patient to catch fish that way.

On the way home we reminisce about all the crazy car trips to nowhere we have taken over the years and how much we loved each one.

I was so grateful to have this day to relax and just talk about something other than the hospital and how everyone was doing at the time. I’ll never forget that she made the effort to be with me and help me hold it together. But that’s what best friends are for.



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