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Do you like to shop? Why, why not and for what or how?

I am not a shopper per-say. I have to know what I’m looking for and go and get that one thing accomplished. I am horrible at the browsing and “looking” for a deal. I just want what I want quickly and without a lot of hassle. Is that so much to ask?


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  1. As a male of the species, I really don’t like to shop. I like to buy stuff, but just go for that one thing or just go online. My wife and I are trying to buy second-hand items or items made in the US. That can be hard! But, as environmentalists, we try our best. We tend to buy clothes and toys for our toddler, Cael, at consignment sales.

  2. I LOVE to shop. Love, love, love it. But for me it has nothing to do with actually buying something. More than I like to buy, I like to look. I’m fascinated with the detritus-in-the-making of this human existence. I’ll pick things up, turn them around, peer into them and read the tags, try them on, try them out, sniff and examine and fiddle and then have absolutely no qualms about putting them right back and going on my merry way. I’m nosy and I like seeing what’s there. It’s fun for me to get out and about, around people but not having to interact with them. I love malls, where there are a million things to look at and touch, plus food and coffee and fountains with shiny coins. I also love little kitschy shops in out of the way corners, antique stores crammed full of dusty old relics, and even those big, slick electronics mega-stores. It’s all so interesting. I can spend days just wandering and never spend more than the cup of coffee or smoothie I buy in the food court or the movie ticket I pay for. I think all the colors and smells and sounds just fuel my imagination.

    However, I want to do all of my looking and imagining in peace! Do not, sales clerks, follow me around or ask me more than once if you can help me with something! I will leave and go somewhere else!

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