Poem of the Month: Winter trees


The wind is blowing over my shoulder

And I instinctively hunch,

Bracing for the shiver.

I stay like this, even after the wind has passed;

Guessing that it will come again.

I look at the barren trees

Stripped of their glory, waiting.

Their branches will be broken,

Their bark stripped by deer,

But they remain.

Are the trees diminished by this barren time?

Am I crippled by the hunching of my back?

The answer lies in the stillness,

In which we both stand.

Amanda Crossley 2010


5 responses »

  1. Excellent introspection…you are beginning to ask the right questions…only you will be able to find the right answers for you.

  2. I felt exactly like this being out in the cold today, so vivid words here! Thanks for sharing! Lovely image!

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