Anime Series for adults


1- Blood: The Last Vampire(2000) UR

In this anime horror romp, Saya is a secret slayer of demons who’s sent undercover to a military base in Tokyo just before Halloween. Posing as a student, she discovers that her classmates are slowly being turned into shape-shifting vampires. As the gruesome bloodsucking threat grows, Saya finds that she and her special sword are Tokyo’s only hope in its battle to remain human. The question now is, can she win?

*This is a short film, relatively violent. THey don’t give a lot of back ground and its a shame that it was never made into a movie. If you like vampires as the bad guys this ones for you. I would rate this one for 14 and up.

Genre:Anime Horror, Anime Action, Anime Feature Films
2- ClaymoreKureimoa(2007) TV-MA
Clare is a young member of the Claymores, a class of creature who is half human and half Yoma monster, and whose quest in life is to fight against the full-breed Yomas — hideous fiends who feed ruthlessly on humanity. Fueled by an upbringing filled with violence and abandonment, Clare sets out to obtain justice against the evil Yomas, risking her life to hold the monsters responsible for her painful and plentiful woes. Genre:Anime Fantasy, Anime Horror
*I have to admit that I didn’t watch the whole series on this one. I got about half way through. There are interesting moments when they tell you about each of the claymores and how they joined the organization but other than that there is a lot of cutting off arms and legs. I would definitely say 14 and up.

3- Descendants of Darkness(2001) NR

Despite the fact that he’s no longer alive, supernatural detective Asato Tsuzuki has an important job to do: making sure that the rest of the dead stay that way. In this collection of episodes from the popular animated series based on the manga by Yoko Matsushita, Tsuzuki goes up against the toughest case of his career armed only with his own set of skills and the help of his inexperienced new partner, Hisoka Kurosaki.

Genre:Anime Horror, Anime Action
*I really enjoyed this series. They are an after life crime solving group. I did not know at the time that this anime is considered yaoi (gay anime) because it never comes into the story line. They use magic to summon really cool mythical beast to help them fight demons and villains. This one is not particularly violent but the content can be distressing, so I would go with 16 and up.
4-Elfen Lied(2004) TV-MAA destructive human mutant with telekinetic powers is befriended by two trusting teens in this anime. Lucy, a form of mutant that scientists believe will eventually destroy mankind, kills the laboratory guards and escapes, but is shot in the head. With no memories of her past, she encounters two teens who take her in. The teens and their families have no idea what they’re in for when Lucy’s destructive powers return. Genre:Anime Action, Anime Sci-Fi
*This series is crazy! Let me begin by saying that it is very, very violent and there is a lot of nudity in the beginning, though it is not of a sexual nature. I would not let anyone who is not old enough to watch a R rated movie see this and if they are sensitive maybe never. That said…that is a very original story line to this anime and I found that I was really interested in where they were going with the story. So if you can take your share of blood this one’s for you. 18 and up.

5-Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo(2004) NR

Alexandre Dumas’s classic novel has been retold many times, but in this case, it gets the anime treatment. After meeting the mysterious Count of Monte Cristo during an adventure abroad, Albert de Morcerf, the son of a famous French war general, brings the aristocrat home to meet his parents. But there’s one problem: Albert’s new friend is the man his father betrayed years earlier … and the nobleman is back to exact revenge.

Genre:Anime Drama

*This is the interesting side of anime that few Americans know about. There is a long tradition of taking bits of stories or even whole stories from literature and holy texts and making them into new stories. For the most part this follows the plot line of the COunt of MOnte Cristo but set in the future and parts of it in space. It is scary at moments but I think that it is fine for 14 and up especially if you are looking at it from the literature side.

6-Gilgamesh(2005) TV-14

The world has come to an end, of sorts, in this thrilling anime adventure. The skies roil with strange visions, killers take wing (literally) to find their prey and humans are cowering in fear. Amid all this chaos, a brother and sister arise from the shadows gifted with supernatural powers. The overlords know what they’re capable of, a knowledge that’s driven them to hunt the pair down. Can the siblings get away before they’re found?

Genre:Anime Fantasy

*I liked this anime but I’m not sure I understood it. It involves scientists who go too far and end up messing everything up. In the middle are a brother and sister tracking their father’s research. It is mildly violent and sexual in places. There are some really interesting creatures in this anime. I would say 16 and up because of the sexual content.

7-Haibane-Renmei(2003) NR

In this wistful anime series, the angel-like haibane fly into the walled town of Guri in seedpods that grow into cocoons. Their names are derived from the dreams they’ve had while “growing” inside the cocoon, and they have no memory of their previous life. New arrival Rakka — full of questions about her purpose and surroundings — joins Nemu and Reki, oldest of all the haibane.

Genre:Anime Fantasy
*This is the first anime that I watched in its entirety. It is not as hard-hitting as the others but I fell in love with the characters and there dilemmas. They do not explain everything which i found refreshing. It is a drama and may mover to slow for action people, on the other hand if you are not a big blood and fight scene person this just might be the one for  you. There are some darker elements in it toward the end so I would not recommend this for under 14.

8-Paprika(2007) R

In this cautionary anime tale, reality and the dream world are on a collision course after a DC-Mini — an experimental device that can record dreams — is stolen from a psychiatric research facility. When the thief begins intertwining the patients’ nightmares with the staff’s dreams, it’s clear that the DC-Mini has fallen into dangerous hands. Can Dr. Atsuko Chiba and her alter ego, a sprightly avatar named Paprika, stop the madness? Genre:Anime Fantasy, Anime Feature Films

*This is a great film. It is rated R for some sexual content and disturbing images. There is not a lot of violence in this anime. I really loved the blending of the real world with the world of fantasies and dreams. This is a great movie just don’t try to figure it all out at once, you’ll hurt our head. 18 and up.

9-Scrapped Princess(2003) NR

When prophets predict that princess Pacifica Cassul’s destiny is to bring destruction to the world, authorities immediately sentence the infant to death, but her would-be executioner secretly saves her in this swords-and-sorcery anime tale. Fifteen years later, she’s under the protective care of her adoptive brother and sister, and as Pacifica’s 16th birthday approaches, so does her doomsday date with fate. Genre:Anime Fantasy

*I must admit that I didn’t watch all of this one but I did enjoy what I saw. It is a typical quest to figure things out and save the world. There are some humorous characters and a princess. I don’t remember this one being really violent or sexual. So I’m going to say 14 and up.

10-Wolf’s Rain(2003) PG-13

The apocalypse has come and gone, and the Earth is a bleak and isolated place with a landscape dotted by domed communities and ravaged ecosystems. The biggest survivor? Wolves. But not just any wolves. These creatures can control human thought so that people perceive the animals to be humans and allow them into society. But Kiba, Hige, Tsume and Toboe long for nothing else than to be separate and proud. Will that day ever come?

Genre:Anime Fantasy
*This is my all time favorite anime series. If you are not accustomed to anime you might have trouble identifying with the plot line. The wolves are the last keepers of the way to paradise and they are on a journey to get there but most of the time they look like people. It is a complex and interesting story line. There are moments of moderate violence but now sexual content. I wold say this is good for anyone 14 and up.

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