Christmas specials- love & hate them


Holiday movies and specials: over the years I have come to love and hate the return of some of these shows. Some conjure fond feelings of sitting with family drinking coco or eating popcorn and laughing with my siblings. Others remind me of endless movie marathons and my dad reminiscing on and on about some story told every year at the same time. So, here are a few from both sides. I’d love to know what you think about them.

Christmas story/Gremlins

I think I hated this movie from the first time I hear “you’ll shoot you eye out” and didn’t even know what it was from. As an adult I can appreciate the unvarnished view of Christmas but it’s not something I watched as a kid so I guess I missed out on the nostalgia factor.

I love this movie! I have to watch it every Christmas just because. Little trivia- this is the movie that created the PG-13 rating too scary for kids but not an R. Any how, love the crazy dad, the brave mom and the girlfriends tragic Christmas story.

Miracle on 34th street/  It’s a wonderful life/ Family man

Never really liked this story very much. I was never a believer in Santa and so being forced toe watch the black and white version every year killed it for me.

At lone point in time I think I actually liked this movie but again after years of being forced to watch it its one a avoid.

Love this movie. I think the ending is what makes it for me. I love Nicolas Cage and Tia they make a believable real couple. Definitely on the Chick Flick Christmas list.

CCharlie brown’s Christmas/The Grinch (old school)/ the nightmare before Christmas

When I think about Christmas this is the sound track that plays in my head. From Linus’ monologue about the true meaning of Christmas to Charlie loving on the twig he calls a tree. There is much nostalgia for me that i couldn’t imagine Christmas without this one. Long live the Peanuts!

Like wise the animated Grinch holds a special place in my heart. I have always had a love for the ani-hero and the Grinch delivers in large portions. When I don’t feel so Christmassie I watch this one and then I do. Great music and old school animation.

A more recent addition to my fall/winter movies. I love Jack and his epic journey to understand joy and realize his true place in the world as the Pumpkin King. If you’re not a fan of Tim Burton this may not be for you, like all things Burton its a little on the dark side but very hopeful at the same time. The music is wonderful and the info about how claymation is done is amazing.

Claymation Christmas/Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer/Frosty the Snowman

I used to watch this all the time as a kid. If you can’t tell from my selections so far I have a love of claymation, the art and the craft. I think this special is one of the first that really inspired me to become and artist. I love the beautiful weaving of so many different techniques to such inspirational and fun Christmas songs.

This is a love /hate one. There is a part of me that still roots for the little reindeer and wants him to feel special and then there is the grown up part of me that winces at the voices and the ridiculous sound effects. This one is definitely more for the little ones.

I feel the same way about Frosty. I really want to still like him but his voice and the cheesy villain just don’t work for me any more. Will that stop me from giving this movie to my nieces and nephews…no way.

The Muppet’s Christmas Carol/ Scrooged

I have to watch this every year or it doesn’t feel like Christmas. I must explain by saying I have watched every Muppet movie ever made and was watching the Muppet show before I could talk. So it’s not surprising that I love this movie so much.Micheal Cain does a wonderful job as Scrooge.

This is a great holiday de-stress movie. Bill Murray is so crazy and over the top. The chain-smoking cabby and the door-mouse worker turned office shooter round out the ridiculousness that make this movie so fun. This is not a movie I would let small children watch but it is great for adults.


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