Poem of the month: Twilight


Dark is the sky above me,

Dark is the ground below,

The whole earth seems to hold its breath

As I exhale a vaporous cloud into the night.

I do not know why I keep this vigil,

I do not follow the ancient ways,

I do not wait for a new star to appear.

I hold my breath, trying to remember a time when I felt warm.

The ground is damp,

Hoarish grass crunches beneath my feet.

In the still air I feel my face go numb.

Why do I stand here waiting?

I feel that something is coming,

Just beyond my sight.

I am so dulled by the cold

That I cannot perceive its nature.

I look once more to the stars

Their light cold and far above me.

I look to the frozen ground beneath my feet,

It is barren and waiting.

I watch my breath float out into the night

And feel I am a part of it.

The dawn to come, the future unknown,

I dwell in twilight.

A Crossley 2010


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