Off with the birds


Winter is an interesting time of year. Everything gets fluffier and hunker down for the big chill to come. Birds migrate, small animals store up food and sleep and us people go out and play in the snow…at least I do.

There is something about the winter months that transfix me. From the first morning my breath floats out of my mouth visible; to the fist flakes of the season. I look forward to big sweaters, boots and coco. I also look forward to the creatures that stick around through this barren time.

The deer are still trundling through the back yard, the cardinals a blaze of color amidst the brown. But I find some of the “visitors” the most interesting. I remember growing up as a small girl watching the Canadian geese fly by over head. I marveled at their “V” formation and the distant honking as they called to one another.

Since then I have spent most of my life in the south so you can imagine what a wonder it was to me to go to a local park and stumble upon a small flock resting by a pond. They didn’t seem too shy so I worked my way over to them taking shots as I went. Here are some of them.


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