Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV how I love thee


Dr who: old and new

Old Dr- Enjoyable, laughable props but a wide variety of interpretations of the Dr. and his companions.

I don’t know if I like this because I watched it as a kid and am a BBC junkie or if it really is absurd kind of wonderful at its best. From extra long scares, sonic screw drivers and a metal dog named K9, there is a lot to love or hate but with eight original doctors you have a wide variety to choose from.

New Dr- fast paced, campy and always a bit of  a love interest. Good props and effects.

There have been three new doctors with all female companions. Rose (season 1-2) had a boyfriend named Mikkie who became a nice side line and the latest one (season 6) Amy is actually engaged and Rory travels with them.   I personally love the new Dr who. I have had different levels of liking the three doctors and their companions but as a whole I think that it is wonderful, sometimes absurd and heart breaking but wonderful.

Primeval: dinosaurs slipping through time

Season one is great, season two not so much. Dinosaurs are falling through holes in time, the team catches them and tries to discover the reason for the tares.

Professes Nick Cutter is warm and believable as the leader of this team. He fosters his new team members as they learn their trade in dinosaur recovery and sealing tares in time. They encounter lots of different creatures and bond as a team. Season two however is not so great the plot line wains and a major player is lost. But if you like light-hearted fun this is for you.

Torchwood: mystery with aliens

Dark (not appropriate for younger audience) but wonderful. Jack and his team track alien presences in the UK some friendly most foe and deal with them to protect the humans. From the beginning this spin-off of the new Dr who made it clear that it was more than good enough to stand on its own. If you find shows like Dr Who too friendly for your taste this would suit you better. Jack leads his crack team of specialist to recover and contain aliens and alien tech that make their way to earth. Gwen, just and average cop stumbles into this group and becomes the heart of it all. Great creatures, character development and thrills.

Hitch hiker’s guide to the Galaxy: silly road trip

The last human hitches a ride just before the earth is destroyed and is thrown in to a crazy world where nothing is predictable or as it should be. If you need a dose of silly, really quotable lines and a good laugh this is the one for you. There are several different productions of this including the movie that came out a few years ago. I won’t quibble about which one I like best because I like bits of all of them but when I need a little absurdity this is the place I hang my hat.

Sanctuary: mythical creatures and the people who protect them

Magnus heads a team that protects “abnormals” (everything from sentient plankton to werewolves) from governments and individuals seeking to exploit them for their abilities.

I love this show! Not only is the big cheese a girl (props to sci-if) she is smart, practical and totally dedicated to her work without being a B****, which is refreshing. The creatures they run into and protect are amazing and the side line of The Four always keeps things interesting. They have done three seasons and it will be interesting to see where the story goes. If you like unique story, love able characters and strong female leads, this one if for you.

Farscape: Freaks trapped together on a living ship

When a human test pilot is found floating in space, he is taken in by the escaped prisoners of a living ship named Moya. I will begin by saying this: If you don’t do CAMPY run now. This show has its serious moment but most of the time it is fun and crazy. Not the best dialog ever but the creatures and the ship make up for that a bit. If  you dig light-hearted space travel this one is for you.

Battle star Glactica: Space drama about what is left of the human race

This is the story of the human race running for its life in the hopes of finding a new place to call home.

Wow- let me say that again-wow. I think for many people Battle star showed the big moguls how sci-fi is done right: gritty, good characters, no easy answers and unexpected twists. I watched this entire show and loved every minuet of it. If you like drama, intrigue, great characters and good writing this is the show for you.

Star Trek the next generation: New enterprise and Jean-Luc Picard

Younger crew, nicer ship and of course a better captain.

Not to insult the traditionalist but this is the star trek that I grew up with (I’m 30). I have to admit that I always had a crush on Data, he’s so awesome. In the beginning especially there is a lot of cheese if you can make it though that there is some nice character development later on and especially in the movies that accompany this section of the star trek saga. But if you’re a hard-core sci-fi this is probably a little to cheese for you. Interesting creatures, cultures and of course “Q” but I don’t want to spoil anything for you. Family friendly and fun.

Angel: Vampire with a soul, detective

After leaving his true love behind Angle (a vampire with a soul) goes to LA to fight evil on his own terms.

Beware the brooding vamp. This series is a little slow to get started but once it frees its self from the “buffy” spin-off label it does just fine. Done as a take on old school detective shows most things happen out of their office and then get taken to the streets. I was not a “OMG he’s to fine” about Angle person, however I love hos side kicks and how they evolve as character and that is what kept me watching to the end. * If you like Spike on Buffy you have to watch the last season of Angle.

Buffy the vampire slayer: Predestined teenage vampire killer

Buffy discovers that she is the “Chosen one” the one girl in a generation that is called to battle darkness and given special powers to do so.

This series grew on me over time. I never really like Buffy but her friends where really interesting and I loved her teacher Giles. If you remember that Buffy is a sophomore in high school it helps. Buff is an upper middle class girl who parents are divorced and has moved to a new town. What she doesn’t know is that this town sit on top of a Hell Mouth, a mystical gate the brings lots of big-bads and nasties to town on a regular basis. Buffy gifted with super human strength and agility is the only one who can save the town/ world from these things. In the mean time she pines for a regular teenage experience. If you don’t do teen or campy this may not before you. In later seasons it is quiet good.

Blood ties: Ex-cop and old vampire solve supernatural cases

When Vicky looses most of her sight she is forced to retire as a cop and opens her own detective agency. She makes and unusual contact in Henry the bastard son of King Henry and a several hundred year old vampire.

If you like smart this is for you. Henry makes one of the mot interesting vamps I have read/watched in a long time. Vicky is your typical jaded girl but love-able at the same time. I was so made that this show didn’t run longer because it is really good. If you like vamps, PI and the like you should watch this.

The gates: Modern day sanctuary for mythical creatures.

In a posh upper class gated community half the neighbors and human and the other half are…well not. Imagine living next to vampires, werewolves; having your children date them and never knowing.

It has only been on for one season but I really like this show. I think there are really great things happening with plot and characterization. They walk a fine line between showing the monsters lost humanity and letting them still be monsters. It is an interesting play between who is the real monster the humans or the beasts. If you like most modern TV show (not reality) you will like this, it has a small ville type feel to it.

Tin man: Spin on the wizard of OZ

Mini series about DW young girl raised in the sticks, who returns to the O.Z to battle a witch with the help of a Tin Man (law officer) the scarecrow (literally brainless) and a telepathic lion who is not scared but overwhelmed.

Good mini series. I really liked how they totally re-interpreted OZ in to the O.Z (outer zone). The witch was annoying at times but I liked her story line at lot. If you’re a fan of re-written stories like Wicked this is for you.

River World: Where do you go when you die? to the river world

Mini series based on the book The Fabulous Riverboat  by Philip José Farmer. A young couple is killed in a bombing, then the protagonist wakes up in the river world his only thought is of finding his lost love but it will be much more complicated than that.

Good mini series.  I don’t think that they explained it all but how can you with interesting, epic type fantasy? It however, did make me want to read the books which is always a good thing. I liked the side characters like Mark Twain and his river boat and the hints about he nature of this world make me want to know more. If you like epic fantasy in a fun believable world this one if for you.

Firefly/ Serenity: Space meets the wild wild west

If you have a Han Solo complex or like the bounty hunter, smuggler vibe this is for you. Campy at moments, full of possibility that didn’t get realized until the move because it got cut short. Very fun, they curse in Chinese! Follow the crew of renegades as they harbor fugitives and try to make a living for themselves.


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