Question of the Week


What do you do to prepare for something big?

Be it good or bad we all do things to psych ourselves up to it. I personally put on cloths that I really like, usually do my make up (not a daily occurrence) and then do something that I like to get happy or calm down. To get happy usually evolves loud music, to get calm usually evolves tea.

So what do you do? I’d love to know.


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  1. I try to find that valm center and stay there…which is pretty hard at the moment. I like tofool myself into thinking a have some level of control in my life for what happens to me…Tha has been swept away and now I am at the mercy of others who are to be acting in my best interests…..I don’t like it at all…so the calm center is a good place to aspire to be.

    • The illusion of control was stripped away. Now I try to focus on one thing at a time. I may not be able to change anything but i can love and be the best me where ever I find myself.

  2. I have an out-loud conversation with myself, as if I’m another, wiser, person talking to me about whatever is around the corner. Sometimes I thrash through things that are hateful/spiteful, sometimes I laugh at myself and sometimes at the other person/situation. By the time the real thing occurs, it’s just another scenario (but I’m already kind of weary of it…better than anxious anticipation).

    • Love that, I do the coaching thing when its a moderately scary thing, but it doesn’t work for the big stuff. If I go into plan “b” mode I usually survive most things but at the coast of really feeling or dealing with any of it.

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