Update: my life as a bomb


So I hate to keep doing this to you my wonderful readers, but my life is a mess. In fact, that is a huge understatement but as I don’t want to air the craziness that is breathing, I will just say that my post will be a little inconsistent. I will try my best to continue to post but I have no idea how often that will be.

I am moving in with a dear friend in a different state. So long Virginia, I wish I could say I will miss you.

Amanda Crossley


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  1. The one good thing I can say about bombs is they’re over fast. If you’re still standing as the dust settles you’ll be okay. That doesn’t do much to alleviate the shell shock, but not much does. Remember that your strength does not come from you alone; it pours from God’s heart into you so you’ll always have more than enough.

    • Thanks, I know that I will make it though this. At the moment I am in survival mode and not much is making it past the “I have to be okay” line but that is wht I”m going where I’m loved, so I can eventually cry as much as I need to.

  2. My sweet wonderful darling ‘Manda. I send you tons of light, Love, and hope. I am saddened that you are so far away from your TX friends but glad that you are closer to Florida when you are needed there.
    I was out of choir for the winter season due to performance schedule conflicts. Tonight was our first spring practice. You and your mother are in our every prayer.
    Check out the Tim Freke link on my facebook. He is my current favorite author.

    • Thanks Jenn, I miss you guys like crazy. Moving here and enduring these past four months have been the hardest of my life. I know its not over yet but I think it can only get better.

  3. Really hope life picks up for you soon and that by moving you attract new opportunities and friends. You are the author of your life, make it a good one! I look forward to your posts in the future and you know where I am if you want to drop me a line rather than air your issues publicly. Best wishes x

  4. I miss you bunches Amanda! ❤ ❤ {{{HUGS}} ❤ ❤ Our first night for spring rehearsals was last night. I was sending you lots of love and light. We are going to do music for the spring concert from a musical called The Book of Job. It should be wonderful and so appropriate for all the trials and tribulations so many of us have been going through. A wonderful reminder that there is always a light! The bad girl section of choir – back row in the alto section 🙂 – was in fine voice last night! (You know we're not really bad! LOL We just like to think we are.)

    • Love you, thanks for the up date. Things here are winding down, I’m leaving on Saturday. I’m just trying to keep breathing until then. Thanks for the prayers and positive thoughts I can use all I can get right now. Love to the Choir.

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