Question of the week


Who do you choose to have in your family?

This question has become a wonderful bright spot in my life lately. Who are the blessings so big in your life that they fill the void of others. Over the years many faces have played these rolls: from substitute grandparents to my best friends. Each one holds a sacred place in my life that blood has no relation too.

So join me in this moment of reflection about all of those people who have wandered into our lives and stayed. I am so thankful and so blessed.


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  1. What a great question! I can’t imagine my life without the family I chose. I’m closer to most of them than I am to the family blood created. You, of course, are one. And (not naming names, or anything) but there are two ex-boyfriends in there, a sister-in-law that’s much more sister than law, and one good friend from college. They are people who know the real me, love me for me, and offer support and encouragement beyond anything I probably deserve. They’re people who have seen the worst bits of me and stuck around. They’re people who expect good things of me without pushing me to be or do anything specific. They are the quiet spots, the breath of air, and the wind at my back that I so often need. Blessed I am.

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