Morning Yoga


Since moving the old rue-teen of going to yoga classes almost everyday has stopped. But in its place I have the fun of doing yoga with someone every morning.

My best friend and I get up at 6:30am and do 30 min of yoga to a video. I really enjoy starting my day off with moving my body and settling my mind. It is a nice quiet activity that centers the rest of my day, which can be pretty hectic.

I love the way that yoga make me feel, like I’m in-tune and understand my body. I feel like it quiets all the stuff in my mind and for a moment lets me just think about me and being good to myself.

So much of my day is taken up in a fast paced stress filled environment that taking this time for me seem like the only sane way to dale with it. So here’s to morning quiet times, meditations, exercise and the opportunity to breathe and let ourselves awaken before we jump into the day.


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