toys r us: for grown-ups


I was wondering through a Lowe’s the other night and realized “this is my new toy store.” I get all excited about the plants, the lights and all the stuff that can make a house beautiful.

I walked through the bathroom fixture aisle and dreamed out all the lovely things there shiny and burnished. I walked adoringly through the plant department thinking about what could possibly live on my desk at work and if I want a plan in my new room (cat friendly of course).

We were there to get some plumbing supplies for a project was giving Mark a hard way to go but he finally got the best of it last night and fixed the shower conundrum- I’ll probably write about that later.

I remember as a child how bright shiny things entertained and made a moments brightness in my life. Now as an adult I want to fill my world things that make it peaceful, easily managed and lovely. Not so different, just grown up.

What is your “grown-up toy store?” -keep it clean


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  1. keep it clean, huh? 😉
    I’d have to agree with you. Anything shiny and beautiful, yet simple and functional, for our spaces. I love World Market too, and can easily spend over an hour just browsing there.

  2. Honestly? I’m with you. I LOVE wandering through places like Lowes, looking at all the shiny things and imagining which ones I’d buy if I had a house and the money to do it up with. I also get dorkishly excited about office supplies- pens, notebooks, binders, organizers- they just make me happy.

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