13 hours in a weekend


This weekend my sister and I went to see my mom. She lives five hours from my mom and I live eight. I drove to my sister’s house Friday night and we left together the next morning. I was really looking forward to the car ride as my sister is one of my favorite people. But the reason for our journey had us both holding our breath.

My mom was very ill in November and is now undergoing chemo therapy. We went down this weekend to help her cut off her hair. I’m not sure I can describe how I felt about this, only that there are things as a child that you never expect to happen and this was one of them. That said I wouldn’t have traded that time with my mom for anything.

As we go through this with her I am so proud of her and her ability to enjoy her life and stay focused on what she can do and let the rest sort itself out. We can’t know what will happen when her treatment is done, all we can do is work on one small piece at a time leaving the rest up to God.

After the hard part was over my sister spent some time showing my mom how to wrap scarves different ways around her head. It was funny seeing my mom looking like an African goddess, it made us all laugh which is just what we needed. I was really blessed to be able to be there with both of them.

My sister and I crashed the night in a hotel and then began the drive back. I stopped for forty-five minuets to an hour at her house before doing the last three. Now I’m at home curled up with two cats thinking about the Monday that is just hours away. I’m glad that I made the trip, thirteen hours seemed more than worth it.


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  1. Wow, such emotions in this piece and what a journey you both made. Proud moments I’m sure during a challenging time. My thoughts are with you all.

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