Question of the week


What is your new “gadget?”

I ask because I got a MP3 player this week and am working out the bug of how to get the music on it. I know that makes me sound like a ding bat but its the truth. Your gadget doesn’t have to be electrical just your new favorite toy, I remember how I felt about the Kitchen Aid mixer when I got marred- heaven!

Any how tell me about your stuff.


2 responses »

  1. My new gadget is my external hard drive. A whole terabyte of information I can save and cart around with me… WOW. I have no TV here, and internet is suuupa-slow, so no streaming video for me. But now I’ve got some favorites on my hard drive and my evenings are a lot less quiet. Yay!

  2. Mine’s not a gadget as such but WordPress. I’m addicted to it and now I’m finding it hard keeping on top of all the emails I’m getting because I read so many blogs and like to keep up with them. Totally my own fault!

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