Time to breathe


So I spent my weekend home alone, which is surprisingly rare these days. I did laundry, cleaned my bathroom, loaded music on my MP3 and packed up the heaviest of my winter clothes. There was something calming in doing everyday things, normal life stuff, I have missed that.

In all the busyness if my life lately there has been little time to “just be.” I have to admit that even when I was a teacher I worked 7/730am till 3/330 pm so I always felt like I had time in the evening to do things. Now I work 930/6pm it feels like my evenings evaporate before I even get home. By the time we cook dinner and wash dished its 8pm and in an hour I ‘m settling in to read/relax before bed and then it starts all over again.

So this weekend was a nice contrast. I didn’t have to do anything but what I wanted to do, which turned out to be house work and leisure. It’s funny how we change, for most of my life I would have considered that a “wasted” weekend but now I find a quiet weekend is just what the doctor ordered.


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