Awkward me


It has come to my attention numerous times lately that I am awkward. I don’t mean to be but there are  parts of my personality that drive other people right up the wall or out of their minds. You might think I am exaggerating so I’ll enlighten you a bit.

I have many and I do mean many, strange/ bizarre facial expressions- including but not limited to: puffing my cheeks like a blow fish, sticking my tong out at just about anyone, scrunching my face up like a just ate something sour and making a smoochie face.

As for my humor it vacillates.  I was raised with an appreciation for the drier, sharper kind which I have tried to soften over the years. This ying yangs to an almost childlike over enjoyment of things. Little things make me laugh like an idiot or smile. Speaking of the laugh, I don’t’ really let it go that often because I was not blessed with the petite or silent style, nope I got the big throw back your head and scare people with the amount of noise that come out of you. My mother wasn’t really joking when she used to say she could rent me out as a PA system.

I talk louder than is appropriate most of the time and I have the most hated habit of interrupting people. The sad part is that most people think that if you interrupt it’s because you think what you are saying is more important or that the other person doesn’t matter but I interrupt for the opposite reason. I am usually so excited about what they are saying that my brain is exploding to share how interested I am.

My purpose (you may wonder if I have one) is not to berate or make excuses for myself, but simply to say that I am more aware than I was of the ways in which I might bother other people and that it couldn’t hurt to be a little more sensitive from time to time.


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  1. LOL… you just listed most of the things I love most about you. The things that make you like me: I’m too loud, esp. when I laugh; my face makes these weird faces, sometimes without my telling it to; I get excited and giddy over retarded things (oooh, look, an inch worm!); I’m sarcastic, but I don’t mean to be mean; and I interrupt people all the f*$^ing time because their idea sparked a new idea and I’m excited… etc. Don’t apologize for being you (because THAT would be irritating)! 🙂

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