Question of the week 2/22


Its funny the things we miss when people are no longer in our lives everyday: sounds, smells, the things we used to do with them. I don’t just mean romantic relationships, when I smell sugar cookies baking I think of my mom and my sister. The smell and the memory too stuck together to pull apart.When I hear a cat purr, I think of big fluffy chairs and books.

But what do I miss? I when I drink tea, I miss the smile of my best friend across the table. When I hang ornaments on a tree I miss singing carols with my sister. When I smell pipe tobacco I miss my dad and when I see something beautiful and take a photo I miss my husband.

So what do you miss?


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  1. I miss the sound of my daughters singing doets in the woods…their squeels of delight at beiing playfully chased by an older brother…the soft sound of voices sharing a book at night…the ever=present voice of my mother saying, “Good-night, dear…it will be all right.”

  2. I miss silly inside jokes (boobs!, that’s what she said, crabs, etc.) and laughter. I miss talking philosophically over coffee or tea or gin and not caring that maybe some people would think we were off. I miss poetry together. I miss my girls.

  3. I miss the sounds and smells of my grandmother’s kitchen… I miss her twinkling blue eyes and I really miss sitting in the living room with her reading our books.

  4. I miss making tea and cookies with my best friend, and picking random words to write silly haiku’s about. Every time I look at our piano, I miss hearing my dad play.

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